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Harvey Milk: Supporter of Jim Jones & Statutory Rape


Harvey Milk was a San Francisco politician in the 1970s well known for activism in the LGBT movement. We've named a Navy ship after him, made him a postage stamp, and Obama even gave Harvey Milk the presidential medal of freedom! Why? Because the LGBT movement is attempting to whitewash history. 

Harvey Milk was an LGBT icon, who had a love of young boys. I encourage you to read the book "Mayor of Castro Street" for more information. Randy Shilts explains himself, how Milk had a long history of pursuing boys as young as 16. He was a near 50 year old man pursuing teenage boys. According to Gerard Dols and others, he would get into contact and convince them to run away from home to be with him in San Francisco. More than a few boys who had liasons with Harvey Milk, ended up suicidal soon after.

Harvey was purposefully putting these boys into a situation where they'd be susceptible to coercion, isolating them from their families. He would give them a place to sleep and food to eat, with the expectation of sex soon after. And it wasn't as if the boys could easily return home a day later. No, Harvey started relationships with them. And in the case of Jack Galen McKinley, Harvey would eventually tire of them and pursue other men.

If this was a 50 year old man pursuing 16 year old girls, the world would be in an uproar. But because the victims were boys, society has given Harvey Milk a free pass. Sexuality and gender are no excuse for sexual assault. Harvey Milk was a sexual predator. And his support for Jim Jones is just another reason why Harvey Milk Day, must be cancelled.



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