Author Topic: Aurora, Colorado police stand down twice to avoid arresting violent felon. Guess why  (Read 133 times)

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Aurora, Colorado police stand down twice to avoid arresting violent felon. Guess why

Jazz ShawPosted at 10:41 am on September 16, 2020

This may only qualify as one of those “local news stories” for most of the media, but it could provide a chilling look at the future of law enforcement in America. A couple of weeks ago, some problems arose at an apartment complex in Aurora, Colorado. One of the residents had unwisely invited Robert Thompson, 47, to stay at the apartment he shared with his girlfriend. He did this despite Thompson having a lengthy rap sheet and a history of criminal behavior. True to form, Thompson quickly began causing trouble of an alarming kind, including exposing himself to some young girls, throwing a rock through someone’s window and threatening people (including his hosts) with violence.

Understandably, the apartment’s tenant, Leander Mccoy, called the police. But after arriving and questioning Thompson, the police simply left, saying they would “seek a warrant” to deal with the matter. The following day, Thompson’s behavior flew further out of control and he wound up trapping McCoy’s girlfriend in their bedroom along with a friend. He then took a golf club and began smashing everything in the apartment, moving on to vandalize cars in the parking lot. The police were again called to the scene, but they once again spoke to Thompson and left, saying that it had been decided that they would “stand down” rather than get into a confrontation with the suspect that could lead to a use-of-force scenario. (CBS Denver)

    A CBS4 investigation has found Aurora police officers twice walked away from arresting a 47-year-old man who was terrorizing residents of an apartment complex, even after the man allegedly exposed himself to kids, threw a rock through one resident’s sliding glass door, was delusional, was tasered by police and forced the rescue of two other residents from a second floor room in an apartment he had ransacked.

    “I totally understand that there’s people that were, that felt like they were abandoned,” said Aurora Police Deputy Chief Darin Parker…

    Mccoy was equally stunned that police walked away a second time.

    “I was standing right there and I’m like, ‘What are you guys doing?’ and they said they were told to stand down and they left. Bottom line is they left us to deal with it by ourselves and that’s kind of crazy.”

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Putting it bluntly, on a couple of levels:

* Had it been me doing all that @#$%, my pale tail-end and the rest of me would have been in jail, the hospital, or the morgue, depending on my response to the police, the first time;

* Policing that takes into account perps' skin color will get more people killed than would have happened had police dealt with perps properly, without regard for skin color, including shooting when perps assault the officers or bystanders with deadly force.
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Doesn't this just figure!  My city has as it's finalist for police chief one of the leaders of the Aurora PD.  Just great!!!  We are so screwed.....
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There have been jokes going around for the last decade or more about how in the future it will be illegal to arrest a black person for a crime. It appears it was no joke, because we're getting closer and closer to that reality.

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Anybody living in liberal/leftist run states that are still expecting the police to protect them from thugs, druggies, criminals, etc. would have to be stuck on stupid.   I just find it amazing that all these morons that are fashionably on-board with "defund the popo" are probably going to be shocked and surprised when they need help from police and don't get it.   Stunning disconnect from reality.
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This is the goal of the communist left.
Blacks -- do whatever they wish and... go free.
Whites -- just say the wrong word and... take 'em down hard and lock 'em up.

And in Aurora, that "goal" seems close to reality.
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