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De Blasio to furlough himself, 494 other staff members amid financial crunch: report

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Well,cut the guy some slack!

After all,he is a mere Billionaire,and that 5 grand may be all he can afford to lose.

He is showing people he "feels yore pain" by giving it up.

Komrade Wilhelm has been "on furlough" since he first took the oath of office several years ago.

He should get a DUAL award:
- New York City's first communist mayor,
- New York City's LAZIEST mayor.


--- Quote from: 240B on September 16, 2020, 11:51:39 AM ---NYC is dead. So many people are leaving because, like the Dust Bowl, there is nothing and no reason to stay. Restaurants are gone. Theaters are gone. Businesses are leaving or closed. There is nothing there but crime and taxes. New York City is the new Dust Bowl of the East.

--- End quote ---

Don’t forget the museums. I did like going to MOMA and the Frick. Oh and the Guggenheim. And the Hayden Planetarium, which is now the Rose Center for Earth and Space.


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