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De Blasio to furlough himself, 494 other staff members amid financial crunch: report

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De Blasio to furlough himself, 494 other staff members amid financial crunch: report
By Dominick Mastrangelo - 09/16/20 10:24 AM EDT

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) will furlough himself and hundreds of other city employees for a week as the government looks to tighten its budget amid shortfalls resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

De Blasio's policy is expected to impact nearly 500 mayoral staff members, according to the New York Times, and yield $860,000 in savings this year.

The city is currently facing a $9 billion two-year revenue shortfall because of the toll the pandemic has taken on the local economy.

The head of New York's Citizens Budget Commission said the move to cut the pay or positions of mayoral staff is long overdue.

“It would be great if this helps dislodge that inertia,” Andrew Rein said. “It’s hard to say if it will.”

In May, de Blasio said he had no plans to cut his own salary of more than $250,000 per year.


Mayor with a staff of almost 500.  No wonder NYC taxes are so high.

NYC is dead. So many people are leaving because, like the Dust Bowl, there is nothing and no reason to stay. Restaurants are gone. Theaters are gone. Businesses are leaving or closed. There is nothing there but crime and taxes. New York City is the new Dust Bowl of the East.

New York City Has Fallen: Failed Dem Mayor Forced To Furlough Himself After Begging Feds For $ Fails
Lawrence David

[Opinion] In what can only be described as an admission of failure, New York City’s mayor, Bill de Blasio has announced he is furloughing his entire staff.. for a week.

Seriously, after destroying the once vibrant city’s economy through over taxation, mismanagement, and his draconian response to the CCP virus, de Blasio is preparing to kick in less than $5,000 of his $258,541 annual salary.

Big whoop!


Thanks for posting this. I bookmarked it in safari and forgot to post it this morning..

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