Author Topic: Will Chick-fil-A come to the airport after all? San Antonio reaches agreement with FAA.  (Read 171 times)

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Houston Chronicle by  Joshua Fechter and Taylor Goldenstein Sep. 14, 2020

San Antonio reaches agreement with FAA. Will Chick-fil-A come to the airport after all?

After excluding Chick-fil-A as a vendor at the San Antonio International Airport last year, city officials must now offer the Georgia fast food chain a spot at the airport as part of a settlement with federal officials.

San Antonio reached an informal agreement last week with the Federal Aviation Administration over its decision last year to strike Chick-fil-A from a contract with an Atlanta-based concessionaire to bring a new slate of vendors to the airport, officials said Monday.

The FAA launched a probe into the incident after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in March 2019 requested Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation Elaine Chao to look into whether the city broke federal law or Transportation Department regulations. It announced the informal resolution with the city in a letter dated Sept. 10.


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"Agreement"? If being called on the carpet and smacked upside the head is an "agreement".

Keep in mind that SA's anti-religious bigotry had minimal $$ impact on CfA but a very significant impact on the local business person who would have had (and maybe now will) the franchise, and the many people (s)he would have hired.

On a Silicon Valley note, I recently learned that CfA opened a new location in Santa Clara. While this might seem to be an inauspicious time to open a new fast-food restaurant, local CfAs (now 6, including one in San Jose International Airport) have long made drive-through a significant part of their business. So they are probably doing OK, and possibly thriving.
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I had a lot more respect for San Antonio prior to this.

Moves like this may answer the question why the 7th largest city in the US does not have a pro football or baseball team.
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