Author Topic: Maskless woman at KFC hops on counter, demands service after being asked to comply with COVID rules  (Read 176 times)

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Maskless woman at KFC hops on counter, demands service after being asked to comply with COVID rules

She also threatens to 'stab' an female unless she gets 'something to eat' immediately

By Michael Bartiromo | Fox News

    That’s no way to order chicken, ma’am.

A woman at a KFC in California was filmed screaming at employees — and even jumping on the counter of the restaurant — after she was allegedly refused service for not wearing a mask.

Footage of the Kentucky-fried fiasco shows the maskless woman first becoming aggressive with a female employee before quickly jumping on the counter and yelling, “Gimme something to f---ing eat! I’m hungry!”

WARNING: Videos contain profane language.

must see video at link
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She was “Charlie f---in’ Manson’s daughter”
Besides anger issues....She's not very good at math
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Anyone recall the hit song 'Linger Ficken Good'?

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She's really meth'ed up! ****drummer
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