Author Topic: Peace breaking out all over from Trump and the left is going haywire  (Read 97 times)

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September 12, 2020
Peace breaking out all over from Trump and the left is going haywire
By Monica Showalter

Democrats are having a shattered-glass crack-up to the continuous good news coming from President Trump on the global peace front. Their famously discplined lockstep 'narrative' has gone haywire.

Over in Sweden, a legislator has nominated President Trump for the Nobel peace prize over his role in bringing peace to longtime foes Kosovo and Serbia. That's the second one who's done it. It follows a Norwegian legislator's nomination of Trump this same week for the same prize over his role in brokering an Israel-UAE entente, the biggest peace breakthrough since the Camp David accords, which made peace between Israel and Egypt. That one earned its participants a Nobel prize, too.

Instead of saying 'nice job' with a pat on the back, hoping the news cycle moves on, Democrats are going nuts. The Swedes have noticed! Now their responses are absolutely crazy.

Start with sleepy, befuddled Joe Biden, who's been famously wrong about every single foreign policy issue, according to old swamp thing Robert Gates. For him, this baffling breakout in peace must have just ... happened:


    Former Vice President Joe Biden acknowledged Thursday that President Donald Trump is making peace between Israel and several Arab states, but he said that he was doing so “accidentally.”

    “I think Trump is going to accidentally do something positive here, in terms of this issue of … other Arab states” making peace and establishing normal relations with Israel, Biden told a fundraiser hosted by the far-left J Street organization, as quoted by the Times of Israel.

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