Author Topic: Leo Terrell Blasts 'The View' Co-host For Claiming Black Trump Supporters Are Props  (Read 111 times)

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Leo Terrell Blasts 'The View' Co-host For Claiming Black Trump Supporters Are Props
Leah Barkoukis

Posted: Sep 11, 2020 7:24 AM

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell blasted The View’s Sunny Hostin for arguing that black conservatives are “props” Republicans use to get votes from the African American community. Terrell, a Democrat-turned-Trump-supporter, said she should be “ashamed” of herself.

(((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio
TV's dumbest lawyer Sunny Hostin calls black conservatives "props" for the GOP while she inadvertently reminds people that Democrats take black voters for granted.

“See, the Democrats’ playbook is – no black can leave the plantation, we have to remain, if not, we will be called names,” he said during a segment on Fox News’s “Hannity” with Herschel Walker. “I’ve been called names recently, but here’s the point. I want to speak directly to Sunny from “The View.” I have news for you, Sunny. Tim Scott is not a prop. Alice Johnson is not a prop. And the wife of David Dorn is not a prop.”

Terrell reminded Sunny that he was on the Left for 30 years and knows what Democrats have done.

“I freely decided to vote Republican,” he continued. “No pay, it’s because I love this country, just like Herschel. So when you make this argument, as a lawyer, you should be ashamed of yourself, to call black Republicans a prop, that is a personal attack.”

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