Author Topic: CNN's John King Touts Silence of Generals as a Boost to Anonymous Trump Smears  (Read 136 times)

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"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the non-existent testimony of two witnesses prove beyond a shadow of doubt the guilt of the defendant."

Even a lawyer with much less ability than a Perry Mason would easily get such a declaration laughed out of court. However, that is exactly the assertion that John King made on CNN's Inside Politics on Sunday when he declared there was something somehow significant by the fact that two generals (actually three according to the chyron) have remained silent on the Atlantic magazine charge that President Donald Trump called fallen veterans "suckers" and "losers."
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The Trump Fan Club insists that the 'loser/sucker' slander has absolutely no merit w/o formal
personal substantiation, likely under oath; how predictable of them!!!
Yet, the wisest who ever walked this earth were the Greeks, among them, Heraclitus, who asserted, "Character is Destiny".
Anyone w/even a passing acquaintance of Trump's presence in the public arena over the past
50 years has to be aware of his compulsive and chronic dishonesty which his Mother affirmed
in the Family Biography.
This election will be decided by Lincoln's plain people; certainly not by lawyers and their sycophants.
So what will be the benchmark of plain people to judge Trump ???
The yip-yap of pro and con media shills or Man's basic instincts aided by his awareness of character?
With some 9 weeks left till Nov, suggest the Trump posse start building their bunkers immediately!!!

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