Author Topic: Chinese researcher arrested by FBI when she left consulate for medical care  (Read 86 times)

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American Military News by Sam Stanton - The Sacramento Bee  July 31, 2020

The Chinese researcher who sought refuge in China’s consulate in San Francisco after being questioned by the FBI was arrested after she left the compound to seek medical care, newly filed court documents say.

Juan Tang, who entered the United States in December to work as a visiting cancer researcher at UC Davis, has been charged in federal court in Sacramento with lying about her ties to the Chinese military and communist party as part of a nationwide investigation into the activities of Chinese researchers at American universities.

Tang, 37, was questioned by the FBI at her Davis apartment in June, then left Davis and went to the consulate, where she remained for a month before her arrest last week.

She has been held in the Sacramento County Jail without bail as a potential flight risk since then, and the details of her arrest are disclosed in a court filing by her federal defender seeking Tang’s release on bail.

The filing by Assistant Federal Defender Alexandra Negin describes Tang as the wife of a medical doctor and mother of an 8-year-old child who are both living in China.


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Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhh, I think there is significant risk she would try to flee the country to avoid trial. Because of that I think she should be denied bail. The federal court in Sacramento is handling her case because UC Davis, where she worked, is about half an hour or less drive from Sacramento.
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