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George Soros Purchases Music Rights of Taylor Swift


Did you know Taylor Swift Hates George Soros?

So there's a common problem with music artists nowadays, that they don't actually have the rights to their music. Prince, Rihanna, Jay Z - They all experienced the same problem.

You give the music companies the right to your work - And in exchange, you get a percentage of the music sales. Later on when the artist has enough money, They buy back the rights so they own all their music.

Long Story Short - George Soros and some other rich folk have bought the rights to her music and Taylor Swift is Upset.


Cyber Liberty:
So, I can't wait for the song she sings about that dirty, rotten Soros, to add to her collection of diatribes against old gigoloes.  :2popcorn:

So.... why the HELL..... would Soros want rights to her music?   I don't get it.  Did Trump express an interest in using it first?


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