Author Topic: Mystery Unmanned Craft Spotted Off Florida May Be Secret SHARC Spy Vessel  (Read 51 times)

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Strange Sounds -Jun 29, 2020

A ‘what is this?’

The Facebook video from FishMonster shows a curious vehicle spotted off Florida’s Key West last week, with virtually the only part of it above water is a mast supporting an array of antennae.

The vehicle is almost certainly a Wave Glider made by U.S. company Liquid Robotics (now owned by Boeing BA) , and the antennas suggest it is part of a U.S. Navy program known as Sensor Hosting Autonomous Remote Craft, or SHARC.

The Wave Glider

The object at first looked like debris — but it is moving under its own power.

The Wave Glider harnesses natural energy to power missions lasting weeks, months, or years without refueling.

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Typical speed is just 1.3 knots, but the Wave Glider can keep going indefinitely; in 2013, one made an epic 8,000-mile, year-long journey across the Pacific.


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