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Democrat Mayor Doxxed Defund Police Protesters During A Live Event, Accusations Of Intimidation Follow

The debacle began Friday when protesters showed up at city hall to demand that the mayor close the city’s medium-security institution, informally known as the workhouse. Proponents of closing the aging and near-empty facility say it would free up millions of dollars for other purposes. ...

Mayor Krewson and Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards stepped out to address the protesters in front of city hall. They marched from the workhouse to city hall only to find the gates locked. The protesters are demanding the release of inmates held under “inhumane” conditions. The protesters used a megaphone to deliver their demand that the city reduces funding for jails, police, and prosecutors.

Later in the day, the mayor held a coronavirus briefing on Facebook Live. She answered questions about the protesters and said that some protesters handed her pieces of paper with suggestions about the city’s budget. That is when things went sideways for Krewson. She stepped away from her podium and came back holding a pile of crumpled papers. These, she said, were the papers with the suggestions from the Defund the Police protesters for the city’s budget.

“They presented some papers to me about how they wanted the budget to be spent,” Krewson said, holding a pile of crumpled papers. “Here’s one that wants $50 million to go to Cure Violence, $75 million to go to Affordable Housing, $60 million to go to Health and Human Services and have zero go to the police.”

Krewson then read the person’s name and the street they lived on, adding the person “wants no police — no money going to police.”

The mayor repeated the names and streets of at least 10 activists on Facebook Live ...

“I agree with all these things, by the way — except we’re not going to take all the money from the police,” she said. “I think we need our police department.”

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