Author Topic: Andrea Mitchell Tries to Save Doomed D.C. Statehood by Crying Racism  (Read 116 times)

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Andrea Mitchell Tries to Save Doomed D.C. Statehood by Crying Racism
Adam Burnett
June 26th, 2020 2:28 PM

Just hours ahead of a stunt by House Democrats to vote for Washington D.C. statehood on Friday, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports brought on Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser to try to boost the effort that was doomed to fail. After a few softball questions, Mitchell started attacking Republicans with the question, “How frustrating is it that Mitch Mcconnell won't even bring it to the floor?"

Happy to be given a platform to bash the GOP, Bowser ranted:

    It's very frustrating. We've answered all of the questions that have been lobbied against us about statehood. And now all that is left is that the issue of whether Americans should be represented in the Congress who pay taxes is a partisan issue. Democrat versus Republican.But that's not really the question that the members should be asking themselves. They should be asking themselves what is fair and what reflects the principles of the American democracy. D.C. residents being the only people in the free world whose capital city residents aren't represented in the capital, is simply anti-American.
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