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Horowitz: Border state surge: Rise in serious southwestern cases driven by border-crossers from Mexico
Daniel Horowitz · June 26, 2020   

Why should Americans in border states have to go back into lockdown and be treated like criminals by a government that failed to lock down the border when Mexico experienced its worst surge of coronavirus in late May?

Despite the mounting evidence that the worst part of the surge in the southwest is the result of cross-border travel beginning in May, government officials continue to act as if this is a domestic problem and that somehow Americans have been careless in mitigating the virus. They are using the results of their failure to lock down the border as a pretext to lock down Americans. Talk about chutzpah.

Nobody captured the essence of what is going on at the border better than Brownsville public health director Arturo Rodriguez. While explaining the rising cases and even deaths, he recently said, “In other words, you have three rates: the U.S., Mexico and your border rate.”

America experienced its peak in March and April. Mexico experienced its peak in May and June. The border states, which were barely affected by the original American epidemiological curve, are now getting nailed by Mexico’s curve.

Just how prominent is the surge on the border relative to the rest of the country? Data analyst and sportscaster Kyle Lamb, who joined my podcast last Friday, prepared a chart showing the rise in cases over 21 days through June 23:
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