Author Topic: Dude in a Pink Bikini Single-Handedly Reveals the Hypocrisy About 'Defunding the Police'  (Read 100 times)

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Dude in a Pink Bikini Single-Handedly Reveals the Hypocrisy About 'Defunding the Police'

Roll Call reported that Holmes declared Tuesday that defunding the police is a “useful demand. It’s a call for reform, and we miss that call if we insist upon taking this call literally.” But, of course, Black Lives Matter has been clear about the issue. The group and its allies in antifa and the anarchist movement want no police. Ever.

The Pink Bikini Guy In the No-Cop Zone
But the bikini-clad person did more than he ever expected. He outed the loyal leftists as hypocrites on the issue of Black Lives Matter demands and violent protesters bringing down statues.
The Holmes and Mitchell were preparing to do an interview Tuesday morning on how it was noble and good to tear down yet another historical statue in the name of BLM in the zone when pink bikini guy attempted to run-up-on the two and body slam them.
Two large men standing nearby, possibly security guards, stopped the guy.

And Holmes-Norton, still mic’d up for the TV interview, could be heard saying, “Where are the police when you need them?”

This incident is mentioned in a couple of compilation threads, but I think it illustrates both the character of what passes as a "protester" and what is passing as leadership among Dems. Defunder-Pols should be blocked from calling the police, IMO.
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What’s the lifespan of a political party that has a transvestite in a pink bikini expose them?
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