Author Topic: Trump sway over base in question as three favored GOP candidates go down  (Read 113 times)

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Trump sway over base in question as three favored GOP candidates go down
by W. James Antle III, Politics Editor |
 | June 25, 2020 12:00 AM

After a string of successful endorsements in Republican primaries and special elections, President Trump has hit a rough patch. Two candidates Trump opposed in GOP primaries won on Tuesday night, not long after an incumbent the president endorsed was ousted at a Virginia state party convention.

The results have some questioning whether Trump’s anemic national poll numbers — he now trails presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden by 10.1 points in the RealClearPolitics average — have finally taken a toll on his stranglehold over the party, or at least his sway with rank-and-file Republican voters.

“For a president who has relied on a base-first strategy at all costs, hoping to win reelection without courting new voters, even the slightest slippage among rock-solid Republicans is alarming,” writes National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar, who tweeted after Tuesday’s election results that “Trump's Midas touch with Republicans not looking as strong these days.”

Rep. Denver Riggleman of Virginia was booted at the state’s drive-thru GOP convention earlier this month despite Trump’s endorsement. Riggleman took just 42% of the vote to challenger Bob Good’s 58%. Social conservatives had raised eyebrows over the incumbent officiating a same-sex wedding, though it’s not clear that was the decisive issue in his defeat.

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Couldn't see it coming I guess.  Some of us did.

Because he is the party of nothing.  Doesn't stand on any principle.  He chose that Democrat that didn't vote for impeachment Jeff Vandrew over 3 Republicans.   He stood on absolutely nothing but liberal causes.  Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood endorsed.
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What did Trump do about Chop?  Nothing.

They are coming to America.  The politics of immigration in America

Must watch if you want to know the truth about the border
Sierra Club endorses Van Drew re-election
Environmental group backs freshman congressman 15 months before next election

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