Author Topic: Man who filmed Ahmaud Arbery shooting arrested and charged with murder  (Read 751 times)

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If the cameraman acted in concert with the two pickup guys, then he'll get whatever they do.  Their chasing after him will figure heavily into a determination of premeditation, so they could all be done for First Degree Murder.  A co-conspirator is legally responsible for the illegal acts of that conspiracy.  It's the same thing as charging the driver of a getaway car with the bank robbery for which he was driving.

A side note:  I've come to the conclusion that they did not have to try to detain the decedent, and that means they won't be able to claim self-defense.  The hand-to-hand altercation was the immediate cause of death, and it would not have happened had they exercised better judgement in trying to detain the individual in the first place.  It appears they did not meet the necessary tests required for it to have been a "citizen's arrest."

This is all subject to the production of new information.  If it turns out the fellow shooting the video was in on it, that is a very large black mark on their story.  They had a conspiracy, and illegal acts in support of that conspiracy were committed so the test for that is satisfied.

Very persuasive arguments.  Helped clear my reasoning a bit on this.

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Very persuasive arguments.  Helped clear my reasoning a bit on this.

I forgot the obligatory "IANAL," so that's what it's worth.   rrthree
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Most Southern States allow one to carry a loaded long gun in their vehicle and open carry of a long gun is legal. You are correct... CCW plays no part of this.

According to wiki...
There are a number of ways a firearm can be carried without a permit.[1][9] No permit is needed:

    To carry a firearm in a person's home, place of business, or vehicle
    To carry a long gun in a fully open and exposed manner
    To carry an unloaded firearm in a case
    To carry a firearm in someone else's vehicle, provided you would qualify for a permit
    To carry a firearm while fishing or hunting, if you have a valid fishing or hunting license

The fellow did not banish the gun (point at jogger) until attacked as far as we can tell.

The jogger had a hammer (who jogs with a hammer), but unless you are a felon both (shotgun/long rifle) are equally legal to open carry.
I think the word your autocorrect may have been looking for is "brandish".

Something hinky is going on there, one way or the other. Have the break ins stopped? Is there any physical evidence to tie the deceased to the break-ins?
This is the first I have seen about a hammer, but I have known people who routinely carried a hammer, one lady in her purse. 
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