Author Topic: ‘IT NEEDS TO END. NOW’: New York Post Front Page Comes After The Coronavirus Lockdowns  (Read 106 times)

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Virginia Kruta
Associate Editor
May 21, 2020 10:08 AM ET

“IT NEEDS TO END. NOW,” the New York Post’s front page reads Thursday, calling for an immediate end to the economic standstill driven by coronavirus and the restrictions imposed in an attempt to stymie its spread.

“The Big Apple is dying. Its streets are empty. Tens of thousands have been plunged into poverty. Our leaders have no plans, no answers,” the front page reads. “New Yorkers have already learned to socially distance. Businesses can adjust. The elderly and infirm can continue to be isolated.”

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There is no way in HELL the DNC is going to allow NYC to end the quarantine.

It's the ONLY "shield" they have that will protect Slow Joe from showing the whole damn world what a corrupt and senile old fool he is,and don't forget,he now PUBLICLY represents the whole damn Dim Party.

Remove the panic and the quarantines,and he can no longer hide at home without questions being asked about why he isn't campaigning,giving speeches,and participating in debates.
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Ever think you would be arrested for NOT wearing a mask when entering a convenience store?

As that famous philosopher Goober Gore noted,"Whutz sposta be up iz doawn,and whutz sposta be doawn iz up!"

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