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Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Oppose Healthcare Replace To Serve Their Illegal Alien Amnesty Agenda

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Hat In Ring:
"True", Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have always supported some form of amnesty and open borders. If a replacement healthcare law goes through illegal aliens would be forced out of taxpayer funded healthcare and have to go home or pay for it themselves. Illegal aliens exiting the U.S. is against the libertarian republican and communist democrat agenda of globalization.

Yes, the libertarian republicans may be at odds with the democrats on having a large government controlled anything but they are in sync with the democrats on massive immigration and globalization.

Read More: http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/2017/05/rand-paul-and-ted-cruz-oppose.html

Oh what utter horsecrap.

civil libertarian minded folks are against 'health care replacement' because the government has no damn business being in healthcare in the first place.

Healthcare is outside of the aegis of the Constitutionally defined federal role. It is unconstitutional on it's face.

   Man cannot survive on Cruz~Hate alone. Just wondering do you like Loose Cars and Fast Women? @Hat In Ring

Cyber Liberty:

Hat In Ring:

--- Quote from: Cyber Liberty on May 17, 2020, 11:19:29 AM --- :2popcorn:

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I never said I hated Cruz. I just don't want a libertarian to be president because they are responsible for helping the democrats flood the U.S. with cheap labor. You will hear now that the libertarians want closed borders and removal of criminal illegals but that's only because they cannot get elected to ANY public office without the main body of Republican voters. It took many years but Republican voters are becoming aware of the past ( 3 years ago ) where some Rino Republicans like "Boehner", "McCain", "Ryan", "Romney" "Cruz", "Paul" and others were pushing for illegal alien amnesty. The Republican voter base is now being educated and catching on that these RINOs are in fact libertarians.

Some libertarians on Facebook are trying to start the "Cruz Crew" back up and even though it ain't fly'in I thought I'd help clip his wings again. Goes for Marco Rubio too. He's a libertarian Rino.

Sure, if you have any thought that I started exposing the libertarians on Facebook in 2009 you'd be correct. I've been exposing the libertarians inside the Republican party for over 10 years and their protection of illegal aliens. I turned the word RINO into libertarian :)

I posted this Cruz and Paul poster mainly to see if you libertarians would follow me here. Bad me! NO! I don't hate libertarians, I just don't like their politics as much as I don't like the commie democrat politics. I run into libertarians and democrats all the time and as long as politics isn't the subject all is fine between us.



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