Author Topic: Airport vending machines are starting to sell face masks, gloves and alcohol wipes  (Read 88 times)

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I'd love to know where they're getting all of this stuff -- around here we still can't get masks, gloves, or hand sanitizer.  I order some masks and still haven't received a ship date.

Airport vending machines are starting to sell face masks, gloves and alcohol wipes

For travelers who need face masks or hand sanitizer on the fly, this Las Vegas airport has got you covered.

McCarran International Airport has installed personal protective equipment (or PPE) vending machines in two terminals, where fliers can buy gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes to better protect themselves from the coronavirus or any other viral bugs while they travel.

Since the coronavirus outbreak became widespread in March, this sort of sanitary gear has been hard to come by after panicked shoppers, and some pandemic opportunists, bought much of it out.

And that scarcity, plus the fact that many products sold in airports are overpriced anyway, sees the price of the PPE products in these new vending machines looking a little steep.

A 10-pack of wipes will set you back $5.25, and a four-pack of gloves is $4.50. The hand sanitizer will squeeze you $4.25 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, running up to $6.50. As for masks, a KN95 disposable mask costs $8.25, while a cloth reusable masks (in both adult and kid sizes) are $14.50 apiece.......
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Did they position the PPE machines before you get to the slot machines? wink777  :silly:
US Coronavirus timeline:,395099.msg2169385.html#msg2169385

China Coronavirus timeline:,395099.msg2184146.html#msg2184146

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