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REPORT: ‘I Don’t Give Two Rats’ Asses About Your Cops’: NYC Health Commissioner Blew Off Desperate Plea For Masks

Virginia Kruta
Associate Editor
May 14, 2020 12:02 AM ET

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot blew off the NYPD’s desperate plea for more masks as coronavirus cases were on the rise.

According to a report from the New York Post, NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan requested 500,000 surgical masks for his officers in late March. Barbot, claiming she needed the masks for others, told him, “I don’t give two rats’ asses about your cops.”

Barbot said that she could only provide the police department with 50,000 masks, but as New York City quickly became a hot zone, it became clear that was not going to be enough. By the end of the first week in April, nearly 20% of the police department was out sick with coronavirus symptoms. In addition, 500 firefighters had tested positive for the virus and a total of about 3,000 firefighters and paramedics were sick.

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NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot encouraged New Yorkers, "As we gear up to celebrate the #LunarNewYear in NYC,... there is no reason for anyone to change their holiday plans, avoid the subway, or certain parts of the city because of #coronavirus: February 2, 2020,

NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot encouraged New Yorkers, "I want to remind everyone to enjoy the (Lunar New Year) parade and not change any plans due to misinformation spreading about #coronavirus.": February 9, 2020,

Oxiris Barbot should, involuntarily, be taking fryolator or barista training.
US Coronavirus timeline:,395099.msg2169385.html#msg2169385

China Coronavirus timeline:,395099.msg2184146.html#msg2184146

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Her comments reflects the attitude of most of the DeCommio administration.

I'm surprised that the department as a whole hasn't come down with "Blue Flu" in protest.
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Ms. Oxiris Barbot ain't no Brigette Bardot...

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New York Health Commish: “I Don’t Give Two Rats’ Asses About Your Cops,”
Thu May 14, 2020 Daniel Greenfield

I wrote about Barbot and New York City's botched leftist coronavirus response a month ago.

    Last year, New York City Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot was warning that “even brief contact with the police or indirect exposure is associated with lasting harm to people’s physical and mental health”.
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Di Blasio’s administration is anti cop. If any NYC cop is still voting democrat they need to get their brain checked.

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