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By Strange Sounds -Mar 25, 2020

We Need Always More Health Care Workers, But They Are Being Quarantined And Hospitals Become Infection Hotspots

Doctors and nurses are increasingly worried they will become the spreaders of the coronavirus rather than the healers…

And that hospitals themselves become the new hot spots for the pandemic.

This is already the case in Italy and France, where doctors have found hospitals overloaded by coronavirus patients have become transmission points and are becoming vectors for the disease.

Meanwhile in the US, the number of health care workers ordered to self-quarantine has skyrocketed in the last few days:

    In Vacaville, California, alone, one case left more than 200 hospital workers under quarantine and unable to work for weeks.

    Dozens more Californian health care workers have been ordered to stay at home because of possible contagion in response to more than 80 confirmed cases as of Sunday afternoon.


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I am certain this is due to the fact that doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are not changing gloves moving from one patient to another.  There was a study conducted years ago that doctors wash their hands 27% of the time going patient to patient, and nurses were like 42%.

Imagine with gloves on, I bet the numbers are lower because they falsely believe it is not necessary.  Again, anyone end in the hospital, insist that all there change their gloves before touching you or anything in your room.

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Finite assets caused by castle mentality.

Imagine expecting the health pros will get sick. Which they will.
Have backup assets ready to ship in from areas not affected.
10 days later, the lion's share of the original staff are hardened and immune.
Rinse repeat.

Distributed asset mentality. No longer a finite resource pool.
Growing stronger as assets become hardened.

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