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What are you watching now?

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   I particularly like Film Noir and love the Female Fatale (so obvious in my 'real life'). 
   Rewatched this last night, DVR'd from TCM.


--- Quote from: catfish1957 on October 11, 2020, 12:11:03 PM ---Re-Watching Deadwood for what I think is the 6th or 7th time.
First since Powers Booth sadly departed us.

--- End quote ---


One of the best series ever aired. Every episode almost seemed like a gift.

Not right now, but later tonight, I'll be watching "Goodbye, Lenin!" -- from Germany (2003), a tragi-comedy about one East German family's experience before/after the fall of the Wall in 1990...

It's a part of my ongoing Saturday/Sunday project of watching anti-communist films, from the 1940's right up to the present. Both from Hollywood (yes, they really made some), and from Europe and "behind the iron curtain", as well.

Finishing up the 3rd and final season of "Travelers" on netflix. Interesting premise. People from the future come back to avert disasters.

Documentary called Americas Forgotten (2020)....

Liberal does a closer look at illegal immigration to America and has a change of heart.

Here is a link to stream it free.


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