Author Topic: Horowitz: Litigation invasion: Losing our border one lawsuit at a time  (Read 317 times)

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Horowitz: Litigation invasion: Losing our border one lawsuit at a time

Undoubtedly, White House lawyers will tell the president to just stay the course and continue appealing to the Supreme Court. But they are missing the point. You can’t govern the country with your opponents winning on a strategy of death by a thousand lawsuits. The Supreme Court has already upheld the president’s power to deny entry under 8 U.S.C. §1182(f) in crystal clear terms. That opinion, in itself, was merely upholding a 1993 opinion ... .

Yet the open-borders advocates are still coming back for more disruptions of our border in numerous ways.

Consider the following:

* On Thursday, a federal judge in Washington state ruled that Trump can’t use funding for the border that was originally earmarked for a naval base in the state. Now judges appropriate money too! This issue was already litigated twice and went before the Supreme Court to be reversed in California and then in Texas. ...

* The travel ban, which was so strongly upheld by the Supreme Court, is half dead because the administration is still deterred by endless lawsuits. In fact, a judge recently ruled ... . What happened to Trump v. Hawaii?

* While the Supreme Court finally rolled back the insane injunctions on the public charge rule, there is still new litigation to try to pick away at its implementation.

* The Supreme Court has upheld the concept of “expedited removal” for over 20 years ......
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Trump really needs to call these bastards' bluff. They are illegitimate and are hoping they can wait out his administration with their mickey mouse rulings.

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