Author Topic: Biden jokingly calls woman at campaign event 'a lying dog faced pony soldier'  (Read 697 times)

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So a lying liar was so upset by another liar that he unleashed a lame, confused personal insult at her? I guess she should consider herself fortunate that she wasn't close enough for cranky old Joe to poke her in the chest with his finger.

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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why Joe Biden will never be the Dem nominee for President.  This is what happens when you ask Joe Biden to answer a question he doesn't like.

That clip illustrates the mind of somebody so smart he lived off the government for the next 30+ years, and sent his boy Hunter to foreign lands to enjoy serving corrupt oligarchs for $millions.

Where is Hunter?
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I wonder at a so called journalist thinking she could get away with saying Biden was joking with his insult to the woman, I don't think there is even a single democrat that would believe that malarkey.

I looked the phrase up on Yahoo to see where it originated and all the stories about it claimed that Biden 'jokingly' said this to the woman.  He was angry when he said it and it was far from a joke.
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If he were intelligent, and he is not, he would know not to speak in such a way to a woman he did not know.  I could see one guy saying such nonsense to some friend, a man friend in a joking way, but on the campaign trail, no way.  His senility reeks it is so bad.  And his wife is just not paying any attention.

Had he said that nonsense to me, and I was within arms length, I would have decked his dumb *ss!!!

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