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I was looking through the Afghanistan news after yesterday's tragedy... and for some reason, the (not leftist) and the Independent (yes, I'd say overall, they are, see link below)  were posting an old Brandon Bryant interview with Democracy Now and it might make some people uneasy.  I have no idea, why they were resurrecting this story over the past few days.

Video from 2013:
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To me, there is a "good" Democracy Now, they have reported on say, faults of some repressive regimes like Venezuela and then, they come out with articles like this.

But I don't just care to say Democ. Now is doing wrong here. Provocative stuff.

Just venting, it's sort of frustrating. I've heard DN post things in the past, I disagreed with.

I've also heard people complain about drones saying they are like video games... I don't have that objection, we do have to fight terrorist after all.  I know nothing of Brandon Bryant except for his discussing these drone strikes.

You've got to report the news and it sounds like Bryant had experiences in this. I don't know why I haven't heard about him more. There are other videos with him in them as well.

We try to do right. The Obama administration was pretty notorious for the drone strikes it carried out and in the end, started to subdue.


Addendum, here's more, the Daily Mail:

'I knew in my soul I had become a murderer': Former US drone operator who said the American military are 'worse than the Nazis' tells how he dropped a Hellfire missile on a child in Afghanistan but his superiors claimed it was 'just a dog'


After he spoke to a German parliamentary inquiry committee in 2015, two American Air Force officers showed up at the house of Bryant's mother in Missoula, Montana.

He said they told her she was on an ISIS 'hit list', which Bryant's attorney called a clear sign of whistleblower intimidation, according to Shadowproof.

During his testimony in Germany, Bryant went on to describe the integral role the US military base in US Ramstein Air Base plays in the American drone program.


See, he said these things in the past more, I don't know why, all of a sudden, these articles have come up. It's got to be a campaign or something, money moved through hands, something. Though, I have no objection to us being told this.
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