Author Topic: Yes, The Rich Are Fleeing Illinois... And They're Taking Billions With Them  (Read 458 times)

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Yes, The Rich Are Fleeing Illinois... And They're Taking Billions With Them

We’re often told that Illinois is not losing its highly taxed residents. For example, a Chicago Magazine article last week had a headline saying exactly that. Don’t worry about lost income from the rich leaving, we’re supposed to believe. It’s just poorer folks fleeing.

It’s simply not true. There’s recent, hard data directly refuting that claim. If you want the best evidence, the Internal Revenue Service released its latest state-to-state migration numbers last month. Wirepoints analyzed the number of people moving into and out of Illinois and their net impact by income groups.
Specifically, tax filers with income over $200,000 made up 11% of all filers who fled, and they accounted for over half of the income that left Illinois.

"Rich" people don't wait to be ____ed when government comes to ____ them? Who could have foreseen that?
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And bringing their liberalism with them.

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Conservative novelist Brad Thor escaped to Tennessee for just this reason around 2016.

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