Author Topic: Dem Rep. Green: Trump Seems to View ‘Us As Chattels That He Can Use’ – Only Does Enough to Claim Win  (Read 83 times)

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Ian Hanchett 5 Feb 2020

During MSNBC’s State of the Union coverage on Tuesday, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) stated that President Trump “seems to see us as chattels that he can use when appropriate, but he doesn’t have a genuine concern.”

Green began by saying, “I chose not to attend. Because I’m protesting the president’s behavior. The president is still the same person who said that there were s-hole countries in Africa, ‘fine people’ among the bigots and racists, the Islamophobes, all of the insidious phobias that we detest in Charlottesville. He’s the guy who still wants to ban certain people from the country, from — who happen to be of the Muslim persuasion, and he has, as you’ve indicated, gone before us now to add Nigeria to the list.”

He added that Trump “tends to want to pick on people of color, especially black women, women of color. … The Honorable Maxine Waters is a brilliant woman, and for him to say she has a ‘low IQ’ is something that I detest greatly.”

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The representative should know from history, people who fail to stand up for THEMSELVES will eventually end up as chattel.  Look at the French in WWII, they became chattel.  Look at slavery in America and how blacks were treated as chattel.  The one big difference was people who stood up for THEMSELVES, such as Fredrick Douglass, freed themselves from bondage.  Apparently Mr. Green chooses not to learn from history and, instead, chooses to remain a slave to all he cowers to - like the democrat party. :poohappen:
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Yet another Trump-wasted loon heard from who was quiet during the shamvestigation and shampeachment. I do not think their silence was a coincidence.
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