Author Topic: Seattle To Shut Down A Tiny Homes Village For The Homeless Because Residents Won’t Allow City Worker  (Read 301 times)

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Seattle To Shut Down A Tiny Homes Village For The Homeless Because Residents Won’t Allow City Workers Inside

A battle between the city of Seattle and homeless advocates over the fate of a tiny home village has been going on for seven months. Recently, the city announced it would shut down Northlake Tiny Home Village for good because the residents there won’t allow the city contractors access to the site.

The players in this conflict are a developer of low income housing called the Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI) which contracts with Seattle to run a series of tiny home villages for the homeless. On the other side is a group of homeless advocates called Nickelsville which encourages residents of the villages to essentially form their own government to run the village however they see fit.

Things aren't going well? Who could have foreseen that?!
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So...this is a commune type of place, only on city property?  Indeed, what could go wrong with not allowing city workers on the property, and does that include Firemen, EMTs and Cops?  They don't even allow the contractors for the company that put it together, LIHI.  They have their own little "government," with their own rules (laws).   I wonder if they have Sharia rules there.

As an aside, this picture is at the top of the article, must be a photo of the commune in question:

Interesting.  The commune has a wall, and is a "gated community."  I thought walls and gated communities are "bad?"
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