Author Topic: Bernie’s Health Scare Shakes Up Dem Field Far More Than Biden’s Fading Star  (Read 200 times)

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Bernie’s Health Scare Shakes Up Dem Field Far More Than Biden’s Fading Star

By: Joe Schaeffer
October 06, 2019

Progressive big fish's campaign is in serious trouble and all guns will now turn on Warren.

Forget the sinking ship that is Joe Biden’s presidential campaign for a moment. The major health scare recently suffered by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shakes up the Dem 2020 field in a far more significant way.

Biden’s frontrunner status was always more myth than reality, with name recognition accounting more for his high poll ratings than any clamor to have the 50-year politician and face of outdated establishment politics carry the Dem flag. The party grassroots want a staunch progressive candidate. In what has been from the beginning a remarkably weak pool of candidates, Sanders supporters had every reason to believe that their man could claim the nomination. He was guaranteed top-tier status from the start and raising money has not been a problem.

But the primary dynamic has been wrong for Sanders this time around in just about all ways. Missing the perfect foil for his blue-collar progressive appeal that was 2016 rival Hillary Clinton, Sanders has been forced to join the rest of the candidates in meekly pledging allegiance to radical leftist social tropes. The anger that served him so well four years ago as a sign of righteous disdain for Swamp politics now comes across as surly grumpiness when surrounded by a dozen or so fellow yapping leftists on the campaign trail. As much as Biden, Sanders now looks four long years older than he did while leading the rebel alliance against the Hillary Empire.

And that was before the heart “incident,” now confirmed to have been a heart attack. Beyond the very serious health implications, the Sanders campaign is certain to suffer greatly on optics going forward. If Sanders doesn’t make the scheduled Oct. 15 Democratic debate in Westerville, Ohio, it will be a devastating blow to his campaign. Yet if he does appear and looks tired and haggard, which is perfectly natural and to be fully expected of a 78-year-old man who just had a major heart event, that will be every bit as crushing, if not more.

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Bernie the commie's last hurrah...

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