Author Topic: Illegal alien accused of stabbing man in front of son wasn’t deported thanks to sanctuary Seattle  (Read 141 times)

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Illegal alien accused of stabbing man in front of son wasn’t deported thanks to sanctuary Seattle
Daniel Horowitz · October 3, 2019   

Sanctuary jurisdictions will not cooperate with ICE to remove arrested illegal alien rapists or child sex offenders. What about those who attempt to murder people in front of their kids? Well, evidently, there is no floor to the lawlessness of places like King County, Washington.

On September 14, a man was taking his son to a Washington Huskies basketball game when he was suddenly stabbed in the back at the University of Washington light rail station. There were several incidents in Seattle’s downtown public transportation that shook up the public in recent weeks. But this particular incident should never have happened. On Monday, KIRO’s Dori Monson reported that the perpetrator was Nery Jovani Acevedo-Sanchez, an illegal alien who should have been deported numerous times for his criminal record.

I reached out to ICE and was informed that Acevedo-Sanchez is a Mexican citizen and is in the United States illegally. “Acevedo-Sanchez has an extensive criminal history and has been repeatedly released from local custody with no notification to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),” said ICE spokeswoman Tanya Roman.

Why I no longer identify as Republican.  They along with Democrats will not stop this madness.  Because it isn't about Americans and their safety.  It is all about rich political donors and corporations that want cheap labor.
AG William Barr: "I'm recused from that matter because one of the law firms that represented Epstein long ago was a firm that I subsequently joined for a period of time."

Alexander Acosta Labor Secretary resigned under pressure concerning his "sweetheart deal" with Jeffrey Epstein.  He was under consideration for AG after Sessions was removed, but was forced to resign instead.

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