Author Topic: Texas leads nine states in battle over new Army Corps reservoir restrictions  (Read 238 times)

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Houston Chronicle by Bill Lambrecht 9/19/2019

In a battle over water, Texas is leading an uprising against an Army Corps of Engineers proposal to give the federal government more authority over supplies at reservoirs across the country. The new federal rule jeopardizes the state-issued water rights of Texas property owners and farmers, the state’s environmental agency has concluded.

Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and allies in the Senate this week asked the Trump administration to intervene, arguing that Army engineers have ignored complaints that new regulations intrude on states’ rights.

At the center of the latest dispute is a fundamental disagreement over who controls water. The corps contends in documents that the changes do not have “federalism implications.” States disagree.

The corps water supply rule “ignores both precedent and statute that the natural flows of the river remain squarely under the state’s jurisdiction, despite construction of corps dams and reservoirs,” reads the letter to the Office of Management and Budget, authored by Cruz and Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, both Republicans.


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Quote Army Corps of Engineers proposal to give the federal government more authority over supplies at reservoirs across the country...

Oh, hell, no.

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We went through this years ago, with lake levels being raised or lowered 20 ft., with all the problems that causes for municipal water intakes, and not to mention the effects on boating, fishing, and the nearshore environments vital to a healthy ecosystem.
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