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QUIX: The following was forwarded to me by a Hispanic friend. I think it is one of the more informative such of the last 50+ years. Hard to tell how much is disinfo, misinfo & fact but the well informed will likely find some long missing data bits included.

I think the whole  article is well worth the time of folks interested in the topic.

Would love to discuss it soberly with those who are interested--particularly the informed & interested.

Of course the color, italics etc emphases are mine.


    They call them 'The Others.'

    They're gods, with a little g.

    - Tom Delonge

That's right! I listened to another 4 hour exchange between George Knapp and Tom Delonge! It took up a significant part of my weekend and life! Here's all the stuff I thought seemed important enough to write down:

Hour 1

    Tom Delonge talks about a personal experience he had while camping in the desert with an unnamed ufologist who developed a certain method to summon UFOs through a "meditation protocol."

    During the night, he and another guy in the tent with him were woken up in sleep paralysis by a multitude of voices talking all around the tent. Somehow they went back to sleep after being artificially convinced that nothing weird was happening. They corroborated their stories the next day.

    Later on, he stumbled upon a book on Jeremy Corbell's Instagram, Operation Trojan Horse by John Keel (1970) where a similar occurrence is described.

    This leads to an explanation that part of what makes the phenomenon more complex than "little green men and flying saucers" is that what we call "the occult" is involved.

    He talks about Hillary Clinton and John Podesta and their statements about releasing UFO files. "We're in a transition here with this topic, and very big things are about to happen."

    According to him, the issue will affect cosmology and religion. We're also going to be shown "scientific breakthroughs that will seem like magic to people."

    "Relationships with countries we're not supposed to have relationships with, and defense systems that we've been building secretly with enormous amounts of money for a very long time."

    Tom Delonge praises the government for building space defenses in secret, and says the "young people" would probably appreciate it too, if they knew.

    He believes that when people learn about the secret spending, there could be an uproar, but he also believes that if the truth comes out, people will be thankful to have those defenses.

    He says he was able to get access to important people because he had something to offer - a reach with a younger audience. He was able to convince them by sharing his theories that the phenomenon is not just about UFOs, but exists on a broader spectrum.

    He also explains that he had a full media plan and good connections to help him execute it, which helped build trust with his government contacts.

    He says before making media appearances, he was coached to give interviews without divulging certain information. His contacts even set up a fake Newsweek interview so they could analyze his answers and give him feedback before he gives a real interview.

Hour 2

    The contents of Sekret Machines is mostly about the subjective human experience of UFO/ET contact, including the perspective of people sworn to secrecy. (Note: He's talking about the fiction series that started with Chasing Shadows, not the non-fiction series of books).

    "Frankly, the stuff I've gotten over the past two months that we're going to be putting in book 2 is some pretty scary stuff."

    Tom Delonge would regularly send manuscripts to be approved by his government contacts. He says he doesn't yet have all the information that will go into future books. He knows on a macro level, but he's waiting to learn more progressively.

    "With book 2, we're going to get into the oceans, viruses..." (seems to imply that viruses have an otherwordly origin or were cultivated by otherworldly beings)

    (Knapp talks, Delonge acquiesces) Due to the way the secrecy is structured, the number of people who actually have an understanding of the big picture can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There is no entity called "The Government" -- UFO secrecy is controlled by a complex apparatus that also involves private money.

    When asked if the tactic of involving private companies in UFO research is a way for the government to escape FOIA, Tom Delonge confirms that it is.

    One of the threads that has been going on for a very long time is that when the first crashes happened, we pooled together intelligence, military and private industry to get the brightest minds on the question: "What do we do and how do we attack this?"

    They've been using private companies or even publicly-traded companies. They keep the secret information "protected" through organizations that are non-governmental.

    Private companies working under the purview of the Department of Defense are developing their own crafts, "but what they're building, they don't really own."

    Delonge says he's been advised by top scientists who "work 9 months out of the year at Area 51" who have explained to him how the government uses private companies to maintain the UFO cover up.

    They may be building things that "truly have antigravity ... but they don't own it, even though it's theirs, kind of." They're developing things on their company's behalf, but they're using government land. It's convoluted. It's an interesting dance.

    (Knapp's words) Using Delonge as a proxy for the message gives the government contacts this plausible deniability angle where they can say "it's fiction" even though they provided the information themselves.

    Delonge tells a story about how an upcoming teaser will have a silhouetted person speaking to the camera, an Engineer / person who worked at Area 51 for decades. This person told him (off-camera) "if someone drives up to you and tells you to get in the car, don't get in the car." He seemed very agitated and said something to the effect of "You're playing with some really serious shit!"

    On the topic of "why this guy?" (Why Delonge?), he insisted on telling the entire story. There was an opportunity for him to go to a rare company celebration for employees undertaking secret government technology contracts. He knew exactly who these people were and what they do (I assume he means propulsion and weapons research). He talked to people there and pitched everyone his idea about reversing people's attitudes towards the military-industrial complex. He didn't mention UFOs at first, but people seemed interested and he managed to get other meetings.

    One of the meetings took him to a concrete bunker in the middle of the desert where he had to get through various security checkpoints to reach the workplace of 3 engineers working on top secret tech, where he pitched them his ideas. Towards the end of the meeting, he specifically described the Sekret Machines project.

    He explains that there has been a systematic process where information was disseminated, then invalidated, to acclimate the world progressively. This made sense in the 40s and 50s when the system was put together, but today with the internet, instantaneous communication, etc., that method of dissemination is ineffective and antiquated, and causes people to distrust the government.

    He told the person he was talking to that they could have a mutually beneficial relationship; he would need advisors, people who would give him weight as he delivers the truth to the public, and the progressive rollout would include a message that would help the government redeem itself for the poor way things have been handled in the past.

    He later sent over the prologue of one of the Sekret Machines books. For a while, he thought he would never hear back.

    Eventually, someone called him to let him know he had a meeting with the CIA in D.C., close to the Pentagon, with one of his contacts and a new person, both "wearing suits." He gave them both the same speech as before.

    His contact explained to him that this is information the White House is not responsible for, that this is not the kind of initiative it would be able to decide on. Decisions like this are made in secret, in secure rooms, by small groups of people in the know who get to decide "when to push the ball down the field."

    He had a similar meeting with people from NASA, that's when he met "The General." The meeting supposedly changed the course of the whole endeavor. Story interrupted by the break.

Hour 3

    Delonge explains his creative process and the way his high-ranking contacts would occasionally "dribble out" information that he would then incorporate into his manuscripts before they reviewed them.

    He tells us that one of his contacts told him a story. In the middle of the Cold War, around a time that people believed nuclear war could break out at any moment, "they found a lifeform." He associated several incidents with this lifeform (or its species); incidents during which nuclear missiles were turned on and put into launch conditions. His source reportedly said "There are heroes in Russia!" in relation to these incidents, referring to Russian officers who decided not to retaliate in response to what looked like US escalation.

    Finding the lifeform had a radical effect, like something that fell into the world's lap in the midst of increasing nuclear tensions and changed the course of history.

    This extraordinary contact is a very high ranking person with multiple PhDs but his identity cannot be revealed.

    Delonge asked his contact to find him a group of advisors, which he did. He got experts on space, intelligence and even bioweapons.

    Delonge says he was able to pull off a sort of "coup" by getting this group working together. Like flipping a switch on the way things are done and going the multidisciplinary route.

    The reason for the secrecy is not that they're maliciously hiding the truth; it's because it's an on-going task, an on-going issue. They don't fully understand it yet, which is why they're pouring so much money into it. They keep having breakthroughs that we should be extremely "proud of as a nation."

    He says his project is not about convincing people that the phenomenon is real, it's about explaining why it's been kept secret and why it was a good thing.

    The "secret shadow government" idea that was painted through things such as the MJ-12 documents was not exactly accurate. In reality, things are more fragmented. There are groups in the military doing R&D, analyzing intelligence... The NRO analyzes the entire electromagnetic spectrum of space, and they'll see things buzzing around and doing stuff. They then brainstorm ways to defend against those capabilities and produce new technology in the process. Investigators are also interviewing abductees and looking at cattle mutilations. It's actually a very, very small group of people at the top putting it all together.

    Delonge asked his contact if anyone was standing back to look at the big picture, since there are so many different phenomena being reported and investigated. The answer he received was a negative: it's "just a grab-bag of scientists" and no one's looking at the big picture.

    He believes that a lot of evidence was gathered in the 20s, 30s and 40s but much of what was recovered was completely out of reach.

    He says we don't have some kind of overbearing MJ-12 program; rather, it's several disjointed specialized programs.

    Delonge asked for someone from the DIA to get some help on portraying the way crashes were handled. He was told he didn't need to, because the people with all the info were in the room with him already. He only realized after the fact that he had been working with major decision makers in relation to the UFO subject.

    Regarding the existence of a MJ-12-like group, he says he hasn't actually asked if a group exists, or how many members it might have.

    The people Delonge is dealing with are not counter-intelligence people, they're "space intelligence" but he doesn't want to state what they are exactly.

    Everything Delonge releases is released with permission.

    Plausible deniability is the way it's always done so as not to scare people. Things like the Roswell crash always have a cover story to leave open the possibility that the event might not have been real. This allows people to mentally process the events and not let it affect their lives.

    He believes revealing the truth will draw people towards space. He says we'll have a comprehensive space program that is part defense, part exploration, and that people will want to get involved, exactly like when more people started joining the army directly after 9/11. "When people know the stakes, they'll want to be a part of it."

    "Yes, we have cracked gravity, and we are building machinery that has anti-gravity. And yes, I was told that it's a big deal."

    The exact term that is used by Delonge's government contacts is "The Others." It's not "the phenomenon," it's not "aliens." The way it was explained to him is that "they are gods, with a little g."

    "The entire UFO phenomenon is about multiple gods that fight amongst themselves and by design factionalize mankind into different religions to step back and let us fight each other because it has other things it wants to accomplish and we don't notice them because we're too involved in fighting each other. Our government knows that. It knows that The Others are instigating wars among mankind."

    He goes on to say that if you look at the stories of gods coming down to Earth and performing various feats, "it's all true."

    "The government is very aware that this intelligence is pinning different countries against each other based on religion on purpose, and it's a scary scenario. It's a multiple front war that we're fighting, because we have to worry about each other, and we also have to think of The Others."

    "The reason for the secrecy is we don't want everyone knowing our vulnerabilities and we don't want everyone knowing about the advancements we've made, to protect everybody against multiple adversaries."

    Intelligence agencies have also been "trying to figure out who is being manipulated as a country more than the others." He suggests that when Bush named different countries as an axis of evil, "that was the government making a blanket statement that they're really concerned about these areas."

    The Others "by design, or maybe by accident, happened to crash very advanced pieces of technology in the country's borders so they can make better weapons to fight bigger wars. And we're not the only ones that have had a crash."

    "When we make big statements about North Korea, about Iran or about China, it's because we are aware that those places are being manipulated and have very advanced technologies now. So we're trying to keep everyone calm and not initiate a conflict. So we're constantly looking over our shoulder, and in the middle of that, trying to tell people about it."

    Delonge says the reason technology seems to have fallen into our laps was, according to a quote from one of his sources, "potentially just to see who is stronger." We don't know for sure why it happened, but "it's the way those guys have to think." It's like a multi-level chess game. China's defense budget has quadrupled in the past few years. They believe it's related to the manipulation.

    He says that he has, as of 2 weeks ago, confirmation that cattle mutilations are "absolutely" related to the phenomenon. He mentions a recent incident where a large number of elk were found with parts of their bodies cored out and no blood at all.

    While we're kept distracted and busy, believing in different gods and fighting, these things are zipping around and doing weird things with animals and abducting people. They're trying to accomplish something.

    He also puts out the theory that the others are interested in the emotional side of things, that they're interested in the emotions generated by war. "It's hard to think of, but it's still energy."

    Referring to Hillary Clinton's statements, he thinks it's going to be hard to "put out all the UFO files without releasing things that are a national security issue," because the release of any information is in itself an act of war.

    "It's a war, and it gets hot at times, and it's something they deal with every single day."

Hour 4

    There was an alert 36 months ago that nuclear weapons that make up the tip of the spear of NATO's nuclear arsenal were being simultaneously shut down out in the ocean by UFOs.

    There are mechanisms out in space that keep these weapons online, and those mechanisms were being shut down too.

. . .


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