Author Topic: African migrants in Mexico organize, form ‘assembly,’ demand passage to U.S.  (Read 150 times)

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African migrants in Mexico organize, form ‘assembly,’ demand passage to U.S.
By Daily Caller News Foundation September 3, 2019
By Jason Hopkins

    People from various African countries stuck in Mexico formed the Assembly of African Migrants, leveling racism charges and demanding the right to travel northward, according to a press release.

    Mexico, faced with Trump’s threats, has dramatically stepped up illegal immigration enforcement, and has kept thousands of illegal aliens in the city of Tapachula.

    The African migrants have grown frustrated over their prolonged detention, and Tuesday violently clashed with Mexican authorities.
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Gas up the scow and bring 'er around to Port Chiapas. We got a full load bound for the east.

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Oh, yeah, that's exactly the kind of immigrant we want.    **nononono*

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Don't call it the "Federal Government," that's an insult to the Founders.  It's a "National Government."
I will NOT comply.
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Let's see how well the cry of "racis'" plays with non-Americans...

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