Author Topic: A Strong Military Everyday Keeps China Away  (Read 330 times)

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A Strong Military Everyday Keeps China Away
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:34:00 AM »
August 11, 2019

A Strong Military Everyday Keeps China Away

Soft power is great, but worthless if America can’t demonstrate the capability and will to protect its interests.
by James Jay Carafano

Washington’s greatest problem in-great power competition isn’t Tehran, Beijing, or Moscow. It’s Washington. Nourishing America’s competitive strengths should get as much attention as pushing back against competitors looking to diminish America’s place in the world.

Great and Not-So-Great Powers

Not all the powers in the great-power competition are all that great. Iran and Russia are regional powers. China has achieved global influence and reach with astonishing speed. Yet, by super-power standards, Beijing is not yet the global force that the old Soviet Union was.
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Re: A Strong Military Everyday Keeps China Away
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2019, 04:43:48 PM »
Reject Carafano's premise that China is a military threat.
From the autocratic Shang Dynasty of 1500 BC to the present, China
has never been an Asian power either economically or militarily.
By analogy, Persia of 350 BC considered itself a world power and
determined to teach those uppity Greeks a lesson. 
Then it met Alexander at Arbela and was destroyed in a day.
Size is a function of geography, while achievement is driven by wisdom.
The power in Asia has been and remains Japan as history attests.

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