Author Topic: Ted Williams tells powerful Epstein associates: 'You're really not off the hook'  (Read 338 times)

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We can only hope that more witnesses come forward now that Epstein is gone. 

Ted Williams tells powerful Epstein associates: 'You're really not off the hook'

More witnesses could come forward and inform on associates of accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein now that the financier is dead, Fox News contributor Ted Williams said during a Saturday appearance on "America's News HQ."

"I would say to these powerful people: You're really not off the hook because it [Epstein's death] may now have freed a lot of the witnesses who would not have come forward because they may have been intimidated by Epstein," said Williams, a former homicide detective turned criminal defense attorney.

"Now that he's dead, these people may very well come out of the woodwork and talk a lot about these powerful people and them taking these young girls to bed," Williams added.

On Saturday afternoon, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said the investigation into Epstein's alleged conduct would continue and urged "anyone who feels they may be a victim" to come forward.........
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