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Not sure where to put this, so I put it here...

I stumbled upon this in the comments at CTH thread on "The Hunt."

I found it fascinating.  I know that we've have a lot of discussions on "how do Jews continue to support Dems?"

Now, by the title it says "ISRAELI JEWS" but I suspect that all of the people in that theater didn't fly in from Israel to Beverly Hills for the event...  I suspect that it is a mix of American Jews and Israelis.  Turn up to hear what the audience is yelling at Blum as Blum is disparaging Trump....  very nice to hear!!

Anyway, from the YouTube description:

--- Quote ---Context to this video:
The opening night of the 32nd Israeli Film Festival in L.A, November 6, 2018. The recipient of the IFF Award this year was Jason Blum. He was introduced on to the stage as someone who "Dresses up as Ivanka Trump and then Stormy Daniels on Halloween," as if that is the crowning achievement of his life. He then gets on stage, and mentions how he's always checking his phone to see the election results, and that "We're winning." Upon hearing this, I said aloud: "Who's we?" Several people around me started asking the same thing. The majority of the crowd are not Democrats, so we were all confused. His rhetoric then started getting absolutely insane, he started ranting about President Trump, saying how terrible the last two years have been, and his disdain for Trump and his supporters.

As he continued raving, the crowd, mainly compromised of Israeli and Israeli-American Jews, started booing him and telling him to get off the stage. Many of the audience got up and left. Yet Mr. Blum continued speaking. He said you have to pull me off this stage. And that's exactly what one brave man, Yossi Dina proceeded to do.

Most people were simply confused what the heck a political speech had to do with a Film Festival? Just another example of how out of touch these elitist leftists are.

--- End quote ---

Apparently this Jason Blum is a film producer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jason_Blum

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Note: the person that put together the video 'spliced' together what appears to be 3 different mobile phone videos, you have to wait (or skip) to the end to hear Blum's comments that set them off.


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