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Mass Shootings and Fast and Furious
« on: August 09, 2019, 11:37:38 AM »
In a discussion of the mass-shooting at the El Paso Walmart and those on both sides talking about the political overtones of the incident, one side politicizes it and so, the other side, must then address the issues brought up... in all this talk, what seems to be forgotten and I almost feel like shouting at the radio when I hear it brought up, is "Fast and Furious" in Mexico but specifically, to El Paso's "sister city" of Juarez. A massacre occurred in Juarez in January 2010:

Fox News:

In an investigative special that aired Sunday, Univision revealed one such massacre that was later found to be linked with Fast and Furious.

Family members of those killed have appeared before the Mexican government demanding to know what happened.

"They are waiting for an answer," said Gerardo Reyes, head of Univision's investigative unit. "They want to know what happened. And why they didn't stop these guns from leaving the U.S. and ending up in these crimes?"

Read more at:

I don't know how much a case can be made and if it happened in January 2010, only a year into the Obama administration but it was pretty bad at that. Has it ever been resolved?  This was a very real massacre claiming the lives of a dozen people or so and a massacre over largely mistaken identities from what I can tell and a massacre involving fast and furious guns.

Lastly, this seems a bit relevant and possibly most importantly because Obama seemed to comment some on this situation.

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