Author Topic: El Paso Shooter’s “Manifesto” Makes Him a Leftist  (Read 239 times)

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El Paso Shooter’s “Manifesto” Makes Him a Leftist
« on: August 08, 2019, 12:37:57 AM »

El Paso Shooter’s “Manifesto” Makes Him a Leftist
Posted at 7:00 am on August 5, 2019 by Mike Ford


irst of all, I’ve read the manifesto several times. The major impression I have of it, is that it is through and through, a leftist screed. Major portions of it have been long espoused by the Democrats. Representative Ocasio-Cortez-Cortez and her crew are driving today’s Democrat Presidential field even farther in that direction.

First, there’s the racial aspect, where the killer advocates keeping all immigrants out. That of course, has never been a Conservative or a Trump position. Legal immigration that benefits America and Americans has been the position since…forever. Moreover, a policy of racial superiority, has long been a provenance of the Democrats. Margaret Sanger, (im)famous eugenicist, is an icon of “Planned Parenthood,” a combination infanticide-baby parts retail operation.

Segregation, is another leftist policy espoused by the El Paso murderer. Democrats supported segregation during Jim Crow. Today, Leftists on college campuses are demanding segregated dorms, classes and even final exams. This killer merely takes an old Democrat ideal to the next level, absent the elimination of immigration, demanding the U.S. be divided into ethnic territories.

His so called, “manifesto” also advocates for universal basic income and government funded health care, which are certainly not conservative platforms.

What does the El Paso WalMart killer’s manifesto show?
 4 Aug , 2019

Why did Trump say this is all about White Nationalist hate?  Why didn't he bring up the Ohio killer.  He is letting them attack Conservatives without even defending himself or the party.  This is more about environmentalism and overpopulation than it is white nationalist.  Guess that not even the Trump wants real news.  Fake news abounds.

Middle East Peace Plan?

Because they are deceived and Did not believe the Truth in Righteousness, God has sent them Strong Delusion so they believe the Lie and the fables of the jews, their god, who is No Savior….These are given over to a reprobate heart and will gladly accept the Son of Perdition as their flesh king. 2 Thes.

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