Author Topic: Chinese Warship Collision With Tanker Caused Hour-Long Stand-Off Before Taiwan Coast Guard Intervene  (Read 255 times)

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Chinese Warship Collision With Tanker Caused Hour-Long Stand-Off Before Taiwan Coast Guard Intervened
By Rohit R Nair     08/07/19

The collision between a mystery Chinese warship and a Taiwanese freighter first reported last week had led to an hour long stand-off last, which ended after the intervention of the Taiwan coast guard.

Fu Shih-hour, the captain of cargo vessel Yutai No.1 which was involved in the collision, told Bloomberg News on Tuesday that the captain of the Chinese warship told him to divert his vessel to the port of Xiamen. He then radioed the Taiwanese coast guard for help.

Fu told Bloomberg News from the southern Taiwanese port of Kaohsiung, “When they arrived, the coast guard told the Chinese captain very clearly that we were in international waters and that we were under no obligation to follow their orders. It’s not as if we were in Chinese waters and had to listen to them. The other captain wasn’t happy about it, but had to begrudgingly accept it.”

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This happened 20 miles SE of Kinmen Island (old name, Quemoy). Kinmen Island is just off the mainland coast near Xiamen, but is controlled by Taiwan. 20 miles to the SE of the Island is well within international waters, in the Formosa Strait. Assuming the Chinese warship captain knew he was not in the very narrow passage between Kinmen Island and the port of Xiamen (which would be visually obvious and obvious on radar), this was basically an attempt at piracy.
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