Author Topic: Enterprise seeks tax break in $675 million expansion of Mont Belvieu facility  (Read 147 times)

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Enterprise seeks tax break in $675 million expansion of Mont Belvieu facility
July 22, 2019

A subsidiary of Houston pipeline and export terminal operator Enterprise Products Partners is seeking a 10-year tax break for a $675 million expansion of the company's Mont Belvieu facility.

In documents made public on Friday, Enteprise Products Partners is asking the Texas Comptroller's Office to approve a Chapter 313 tax break, which would lower taxes for the proposed project by holding the property's taxable value at $80 milion for 10 years starting in 2022.

Enterprise subsidiary Lone Star NGL Asset Holdings II plans to build another natural gas liquids fractionator and another deisobutanizer on the company's Mont Belvieu facilty.

The fractionator would separate and proces 150,000 barrels of natural gas liquids per day into ethane, propane, butane and untreated natural gasoline. The deisobutanizer would be used to make 75,000 barrels of isobutane per day from butane and mixed butane feedstocks.....

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Mont Belvieu is overwhelmed with the amount of expansions projects going on here.  Traffic is a nightmare at 6 am on Hwy 146.  Thousands of contractors are here working dozens of projects.  Most have had to go to bussing in workers because there isn't parking available inside the facilities for all the workers.
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Could mean LoneStar is planning on another line down there.  I made a lot on the last one they ran through my property....
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