Author Topic: A new issue is delaying the destroyer John S. McCain’s return to the fleet  (Read 194 times)

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A new issue is delaying the destroyer John S. McCain’s return to the fleet
By: David B. Larter   1 day ago

WASHINGTON — A Japan-based destroyer sidelined by a deadly collision in 2017 will not return to the fleet because of a new issue that arose in testing after it returned to the water from dry dock, Naval Sea Systems Command confirmed to Defense News.

The port shaft on the U.S. Navy destroyer John S. McCain — which runs through the hull and turns one of the ship’s twin screws — is out of alignment, something workers discovered when waterborne tests caused high vibrations, according to sources who spoke to Defense News.

“During the testing, Navy maintenance subject matter experts determined the ship’s port shaft was misaligned likely due to the August 2017 collision,” NAVSEA spokeswoman Colleen O’Rourke said in a statement. “Shaft alignment adjustments are in process and scheduled to complete in October 2019. This ship is scheduled to complete her industrial availability in November 2019.”
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Sent it to Arizona and dock it by the London bridge.

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The convention of naming destroyers for men who had served with distinction, usually who had died in service, goes back over a century. When first commissioned the USS John McCain was named for John McCain Sr. and John McCain Jr., the late Senator's grandfather and father. Senior had been the USN's carrier operations guru during WW2, and died shortly after Japan's surrender. Junior had served with distinction in submarines in WW2. Including McCain III in the name of this DDG was done years later.
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