Author Topic: 'I am legally married to one, culturally to another': Omar tries to shut down bigamy allegations  (Read 895 times)

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Where's there smoke, there appears to be fire that she is trying to put out.  BTW, this is not a marriage flap.  It is criminal behavior to lie to the IRS and state authorities.

Report: Rep. Omar to Repay Taxes, Fine in Marriage Flap
Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., has agreed to repay $3,500 in unpaid taxes and a $500 fine amid the investigation into her marriages and tax filing status, according to CBS-4 Minnesota.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board found she filed taxes while married to one man but claiming she was married to another.

"All of Rep. Omar’s tax filings are fully compliant with all applicable tax law," a campaign spokesman for Rep. Omar told the news station.

The report gave a timeline for the reports on Rep. Omar's marriage and tax-status history:

Early 2000s – Rep. Omar and Ahmed Hirsi had two children out of wedlock.
2009 – Rep. Omar legally marries Ahmed Elmi, who reportedly might have been her brother.
2011 – Rep. Omar and Elmi get a "faith-based divorce" – which is not legally recognized.
2012 – Rep. Omar has a third child with Hirsi.
2014, 2015 – Rep. Omar and Hirsi file with tax status "married filing jointly."
2016 – Rep. Omar's representatives find "something needs to be corrected" in her tax filings, but did not specify whether it was her marriage status.
2017 – Rep. Omar legally divorces Elmi.
2018 – Rep. Omar legally marries Hirsi.
The Campaign Finance Board has also cited Rep. Omar for campaign finance violations for accepting speaking fees and using campaign funds to speak at a Boston rally, according to The Washington Free Beacon.
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