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Border wall lawsuit has family concerned
« on: July 11, 2019, 08:41:57 AM »
Brownsville Herald by MARK REAGAN 7/6/2019

Another family in a small neighborhood near San Pedro is concerned about granting government contractors access to their property where their children play for an entire year.

Jaime R. Trevino and Rocio Trevino complain in an answer to a federal land condemnation lawsuit against their property that government lawyers won’t tell them how long contractors would be expected to access their backyard for surveying purposes for a border wall.

“We explained to Mr. Salazar (the government attorney) that we had a major concern for the safety and security of our 5 children because we can’t see ourselves having to tell our children that they can’t go outside at all for the next 12 months because strangers will be in our backyard,” Jaime and Rocio said in the court document.

---“During the conversation, US Government stated although the forms stated 18 months, the surveying and testing would only take about 2-3 days,” they wrote in the filing. “When this was requested in writing, we were called a couple of days later and told that unfortunately it could not be put in writing because the forms were all standard the same.”

The government again tried to get the signatures in March and once again, Jaime and Rocio mentioned their concerns.

“We asked if we could get an estimate number of days needed in our property in writing so that we could estimate also the amount of expenses we would incur if we needed to relocate our horse,” they said. “This time we were told that the government could not provide us with an estimate.”

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