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The Bone-Cave Harvestman spider exists only in Texas. It isn't bought or sold across state lines, and it has no commercial value. And yet, the federal government believes it has the right to control the land on which the spider lives based on the Commerce Clause and the Endangered Species Act.

Does that seem fair or constitutional?

That question is at the heart of a lawsuit being brought by Texas landowner John Yearwood and the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Yearwood's family has owned his land for over 100 years, and enjoys allowing local church youth groups and the high school 4-H club to use the property for camping. These community outreach projects are in jeopardy, however, because the best part of the land for camping is also home to the Bone Cave Harvestman, which the federal government claims is endangered....

Interesting story.
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Cannot adapt,go away. Remember the DODO bird. It did not adapt. Life goes on.

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A dynamic system (nature) simply cannot be preserved in stasis.
By virtue of its existence, the activities which have been carried out on the land the last 100 years have not been threatening to the point of elimination, and may, in fact have contributed to the survival of the species. For that simple reason, not only is Federal oversight not warranted, it is not desirable.
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