Author Topic: Julian Castro Dismisses Identity Theft by an Illegal Immigrant: ‘Crime Happens’  (Read 160 times)

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Julian Castro Dismisses Identity Theft by an Illegal Immigrant: ‘Crime Happens’
One of the 20-plus Democrats seeking the White House stunned many with this answer

By The Political Insider Staff | June 14, 2019

Democrats running for the 2020 nomination for president might as well make “laws are only for the common folk” their campaign slogan, in our view.

Julian Castro was questioned Thursday night by a woman who said an illegal immigrant stole her Social Security number. The White House hopeful then proceeded to dismiss that crime almost out of hand.

“He was caught and released on his own recognizance, never to be heard from again,” the woman explained during a Fox News town hall last night. “Would you be willing to penalize offenders taking advantage of Americans by having them not released if they’re known to be illegal?” she asked.

Castro’s response? “Crime happens.”
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How very passive voice of him. Crime doesn't happen. People commit crimes - and illegal immigrants seem to commit more than their share.
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