Author Topic: Shameless Kirsten Gillibrand embarrasses herself pandering at an Iowa gay bar  (Read 153 times)

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June 9, 2019
Shameless Kirsten Gillibrand embarrasses herself pandering at an Iowa gay bar
By Thomas Lifson

Unfortunately for the junior senator from New York, it takes more brains than she possesses to pull off unprincipled political pandering.  Over the course of her political career, Kirsten Gillibrand has demonstrated a willingness to embrace any policy or group that she thinks will work to her advantage. When she represented a rural-ish upstate New York congressional district, she was all for the Second Amendment, but when elevated to the Senate (to replace Hillary Clinton), her principles reversed themselves.

But then again, Bill Clinton was flexible in his principles depending on political advantage and got away with it with enough voters to get re-elected as president. Gillibrand’s problem is that she isn’t bright enough to pull off the slipperiness with aplomb.

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She is a professional politician,so it is impossible to embarrass her. These people have no shame at all,and don't even understand the concept.
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