Author Topic: Postcards of the 1895 Hamidian Massacres (Armenian Genocide)  (Read 966 times)

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Approximately 300,000 Armenian and 25,000 Assyrian subjects of the Ottoman Empire were killed during the Hamidian massacres of 1895. It is estimated that 100,000 "Greeks" were also killed, although this may mainly refer to Armenian, Assyrian and Arabic members of the Greek Orthodox church rather than just ethnic Greeks per se. These were massacres were deliberately planed by the Ottoman state in response to Armenian protests at oppressive taxation and ill treatment, along with merging nationalist fervour. They mark the first phase of the Armenian genocide and indeed, the first phase of what turned out to be the genocide of the Christian peoples of the Ottoman Empire.

We almost always hear about 1915, it's amazing that this stuff was going on back in 1895.. further back than we usually imagine and in that also, on what appear to be cereal boxes (or tapioca).

And other illustrations:

So, a bit before the camera was as common.

Newspaper from the time, 4 Monasteries sacked which would be amazing.

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Re: Postcards of the 1895 Hamidian Massacres (Armenian Genocide)
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Jes' muslims doing what muslims do.

Think that was bad?

Wait until the "Western European genocide" of 2086...

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Re: Postcards of the 1895 Hamidian Massacres (Armenian Genocide)
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As the end of the 19th century approached, the Ottomans subconsciously
understood that their Empire and Sultanate were disintegrating.
They lashed out violently against any and all, especially the Christian Armenians
and like all cowards have never taken responsibility for their disgraceful atrocities.

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