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50,000 Foreigners Just Won the Right to Immigrate to the U.S….Why Do We STILL Have the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery?

he Miami Herald has a huge article with information for those who believe they’ve won the Diversity Visa Lottery. the lottery began as a way to diversify America so that people who don’t usually immigrate here can come to live. This program has outlived its usefulness because we pretty much have people from every corner of the globe coming to the U.S. via illegal immigration or the refugee resettlement program
The U.S. has become a global magnet for anyone and everyone because the word is out that we have generous benefits for everyone legal or illegal. We know what you’re probably thinking…yes, YOU pay for this! Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t.

One million people apply every year for this lottery – It’s so popular that the system to check to see if you won a spot has rashed three times and has been down:
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We need them to replace 600,000+ abortions each year.
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We're all living in Amerika,
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We're all living in Amerika,
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I would prefer that we go back to the immigration laws that were imposed in the mid-1920's -- essentially, ending most of it indefinitely.

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